2018 Special Focus: Building Bridges to Sustainability—Tourism, Culture, Gastronomy and Sport

Tourism, culture, gastronomy, and sports, as fields of study and activities, are distinctive in their own right. But they also have mutual dependencies in values, characteristics, and social embeddedness. Sustainable tourism depends on productive way of thinking about these dependences. The special focus of the Third International Conference on Tourism & Leisure Studies directs us to consider these activities in the difference and dependences, as the foundation to building bridges to a fuller understanding of sustainable practices and outcomes.

  • How are broader social, economic, environmental and political forces transforming our understandings of "sustainable tourism"?
  • What are the bridges and boundaries of "tourism" and "culture" and how do they shape destination?
  • Where, when, and how do we include food and sports in understandings of "sustainable tourism"?

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