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Open Access Options

Hybrid Open Access

Traditional open access journals are subsidized by academic institutions, foundations, or government agencies. A newer generation of open access journals charge authors significant publication fees. Our open access approach is called Hybrid Open Access—a model increasingly offered by both university presses and well-known commercial publishers. However, we have attempted to keep the cost of this option at an affordable level.

In the Hybrid Open Access model, some articles are available at no charge (“open access”) to anyone searching the web, while the remainder are available only to subscribers. Authors pay a modest fee for the open access option.

By publishing in our journals, your article is already available to a large number of scholars who have individual subscriptions or whose institutions subscribe. However, making your paper open access will allow your work to reach an even wider audience, broadening the dissemination of your research, and increasing the incidence of other scholars citing your work.

Institutional Open Access

With Institutional Open Access, institutions pay a set annual fee that entitles their students and faculty to publish a given number of open access articles in our peer reviewed academic journals. Both the authors and the institution then enjoy significant additional visibility for their work, and have the right to distribute freely their final typeset articles.

One additional benefit of this approach is that the rights to the article remain with the subscribing institution. Both the author and the institution can share the final typeset version of the article in any place they wish, including institutional repositories, personal websites, and privately or publicly accessible course materials. In the case of Institutional Open Access, we support the highest Sherpa/Romeo access level—Green.

The annual Institutional Open Access fee covers the costs for a given number of faculty or students from an institution to publish, following successful peer review. Articles can be published in any of our scholarly journals.


Individual Author

Single Article $250 USD


5 Articles $1,125 USD
10 Articles $2,250 USD
15 Articles $3,375 USD
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