Theme 1: Changing Dimensions of Contemporary Tourism

How are broader social, economic, and political forces transforming our understandings of "tourism"?

  • Changing concepts of holiday and vacation
  • The idea and practice of hospitality
  • Notions of place and space in tourism
  • Tourism facilities: innovations in parks, heritage sites, galleries, museums
  • Changing concepts of the hotel and the resort
  • Informal and semiformal accommodation markets
  • Internet sharing schemes
  • Developments in transport for tourism: land, sea, air
  • Environmental tourism: rural, remote, landscape, park, agrotourism, ecotourism
  • Cultural tourism: indigenous, heritage, historical, architectural, food, arts tourism
  • Demographically defined tourism: children, youth, family, retirement, disability, gender, LGBT tourism
  • Task-oriented tourism: educational, health, event-linked, religious, business, convention, conference, tradeshow tourism
  • Seasonal tourism
  • Emerging tourism markets
  • Tourism information and e-tourism in the era of ubiquitous online devices

Theme 2: Changing Dimensions of Contemporary Leisure

How are broader social, economic, and political forces transforming our understandings of "leisure"?

  • The concept of "recreation"
  • Work-life balance
  • Volunteerism as a form of leisure or work
  • Inequalities in access to leisure time and facilities
  • Leisure facilities, practices, and markets
  • Participant and observer sports as leisure activities
  • Leisure at home: games, entertainment, cuisine, gardening, hobbies
  • Social media as a leisure space
  • Virtual tourism
  • Arts as leisure

Theme 3: Tourism and Leisure Industries

What are the definitional boundaries and dependencies of "tourism" and "leisure," and how do they shape their industries?

  • Developing leisure and tourism products
  • The economics of tourism and leisure
  • Leisure and tourism planning
  • Leisure and tourism product development
  • Managing in leisure and tourism industries
  • Marketing leisure and tourism
  • Location, service, and product identity and branding
  • Leisure and tourism on the web
  • Evaluation and measurement of leisure and tourism activities and industries
  • Public information, attraction, and support services
  • Travel and leisure journalism and writing
  • Education and training for the tourism and leisure industries

Theme 4: Critical Issues in Tourism and Leisure Studies

What are our tools of critique?

  • Sustainable tourism and leisure
  • Culturally sensitive tourism and leisure
  • Disability access in tourism and leisure
  • Gender equity in leisure and tourism
  • Tourism and leisure in local communities
  • Globalization of tourism and leisure
  • New technologies in tourism and leisure
  • e-Tourism and e-leisure