Themes & Tensions

Theme 1: Methods, Models, and Practices

How to connect conceptual foundations of tourism and leisure to the social and natural sciences and back?

Living Tensions:

  • Subjects of History – Legacies of Hospitality, Tourism, and Leisure Practices
  • Considering Scale and Frame – International, National, and Regional Tourism
  • Diversity of Meanings – Navigating Cultural Sustainability and Heritage Development
  • Visions of Progress – Management, Planning and Policy Interventions
  • Participant and Observer – Integrative Approaches to Inquiry, Method, and Practice
  • Theoretical Contributions – From Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure Fields to the Social and Natural Sciences

Theme 2: Participation, Access, Impacts

How do the practices of tourism and leisure reveal consequential impacts of everyday life?

Living Tensions:

  • Whose Leisure? – Inequalities in access to leisure time and facilities
  • Who Counts? – Stakeholders in the tourism ecosystem
  • In Search of the New – Emerging Markets, Community Impacts
  • Lived Realties – Changing Patterns and Cultures of Consumption
  • The Business of Travel and Tourism -- Human resources and talent management, global employability
  • Volunteerism – leisure / work, opportunity / exploitation
  • Recognizing Common Spaces – Ecological Footprints, Biospheres, and Eco-Spheres

Theme 3: Communicating Experience

What are the forces that shape the communication of experiences in time and space?

Living Tensions:

  • Beyond Place-Based – Virtual Tourism, Online Experience, Digital Culture
  • Visual Vectors – Media, Technology and Visitor Experience
  • Leisure Spaces – Social Media, Online Interaction
  • More Than Images –Journalism and Writing
  • Framing Authenticity – Location, Service, Product Identity, and Branding
  • Collective Experience – Festivals, Art and Creative Gatherings
  • Cultures of Care – Considering Hospitality in Context

Theme 4: Future Practices

In what ways must we consider new approaches, concepts, frameworks, to promote new research, models, and practices?

Living Tensions:

  • Long Term Planning– Contesting “Financial Years” and “Instant Gratification”
  • Ethical Busines Models – Social Economies, Platform Cooperatives, Land Ownership
  • Managing Change – Crisis management, risk and disaster management, business continuity
  • Evaluation and Measurement – Education and Training for the Tourism and Leisure Industries
  • Fostering Diverse communities – Culturally sensitive, Gender equity, ability access
  • Environmental Tourism – Rural, Remote, Agrotourism, Eco-Tourism
  • Demographically Defined Tourism – Children, Youth, Family, Retirement, Disability, Gender, LGBT Tourism